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Why Choose Westcliff Family Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

  • We’re Parents, Too!
  • Comfortable Office with Ceiling TVs & Free Drinks
  • We Accept PPO Insurance, Medicaid, & CHIP

Children’s Checkups & Cleanings

Child receiving dental exam

Children should start attending regular dental checkups right after their first tooth comes in. For very young patients, their biannual appointments will just consist of a gentle exam to make sure their mouth is in good shape and developing correctly, and as a child grows and matures, so will their care. Cleanings will eventually be added to the routine, and when your child reaches seven, Dr. Kazmi can give them an orthodontic screening to help fix/prevent any misalignment issues in their teeth and bite.

Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

Dental sealants provide extra protection for the most vulnerable teeth—the molars. Their location and deeply grooved texture mean they often accumulate plaque faster than other teeth and are missed while brushing (particularly by children), making them the first place most people develop cavities. With a sealant, we can apply a thin, clear layer of composite resin to the enamel to block out any plaque, bacteria, or acids that could lead to decay. They only take a few minutes to place but can easily last for about 10 years.

Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

Child placing blue mouthguard

Dental accidents are a risk for any child athlete no matter their skill level or chosen game, but the right mouthguard can easily save your future sport’s star from chipped and knocked out teeth. Dr. Kazmi is able to make custom-shaped guards that will fit your child better and provide much more protection than anything you’ll find at the store or online. With one, you can trust your child to wear it consistently, meaning you’ll have less to worry about the next time they go out to play!

Special Needs Dentistry

Laughing child in wheelchair

Children with developmental, behavioral, or sensory special needs face particular challenges when it comes to their oral health because even routine dental care can be difficult and complicated, but at Westcliff Family Dentistry, we’re happy to welcome absolutely every child into our practice. If you have a special smile at home, we’re ready to serve them, and please give us a call so we can make any accommodations necessary to ensure a stress-free appointment for both you and them.

Non-Nutritive Habits

Child biting down on teething ring

Do you have a child who just will not stop sucking their thumb? This adorable habit can lead to big problems once a child’s teeth start coming in, leading to issues that require years of braces to correct. We can offer you a number of proven strategies that have worked for countless children in the past to help your little one quit with the least amount of tears possible. Be sure to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to put together a plan with you.

Pulp Therapy

Closeup of child receiving dental checkup

Inside each one of your child’s teeth is a small bit of soft tissue called the dental pulp. It plays a big role in the development of a tooth, and among other things, it also contains a sensitive nerve. Whether due to dental decay or an accident, the pulp can sometimes develop an infection or damage that leads to quite the toothache. Pulp therapy allows Dr. Kazmi to remove this tissue while leaving any healthy portion behind so a child can enjoy complete relief and the tooth will be able to function like normal moving forward.

Frenectomies/Lip & Tongue-Tie Treatment

Young child receiving dental treatment

Is your child’s lip or tongue movement restricted because of a short or thick frenulum? That’s the small band of tissue that attaches each lip to the gums and the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Lip and tongue-ties can severely inhibit a child’s ability to eat, speak, and breathe normally, but these issues can be quickly corrected with a soft tissue laser. With just a few minutes and no tears shed, Dr. Kazmi can cut or loosen a troublesome frenulum to instantly restore a child’s oral function.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Child in dental chair smiling

Many children are nervous about going to the dentist, and most of the time, our friendly team is able to calm even the most fearful child. But, for those who need a little extra help to feel relaxed, we have sedation dentistry. Safe, gentle, and effective, nitrous oxide is able to help a child’s worries float away on a river of calm, and once their appointment is over, they won’t experience any lasting drowsiness, meaning they can go straight back to their day.